Due to Metal and Oil Prices we are  forced to charge

 a Small Fee for Printers and Stereos.

Recycle your TV, Computer, Monitor, and more FOR FREE!

What We Recycle?

Computers Servers Laptops
Monitors Routers LCD Screens
Televisions Plasma Screens Projectors
PDAs Cell Phones Stereo Systems
Desktop Copiers Faxes Printers
Alarm Clocks Calculators Hard Drives
Hubs/Switches VCRs Microphones
Speakers Telephones
Mice Keyboards And More!


How Do We Do it?

1.    Re-Use: Newer and lightly used equipment is refurbished, sold, or donated to non-profits both locally and around the country.
2.    Recycle: Obsolete or (End-of-Life) equipment is separated into plastic, metal, and mineral components then sold back into manufacturing other products, or in some rare cases donated to museums.

How Much Does It Cost?

Unfortunately the current environment has caused us to charge for some items.  This is still better than the 6.00 minimum plus poundage fee at the dump, and we process properly.

Computer Towers Free Computer Peripherals $ Free
Monitors & LCDs Free Printer, Scanners $ 1.00 per unit minimum or .25 Pound
Televisions Free Copiers $ .25 Pound
Laptops Free Batteries $ Free!
Cables/Cords Free Calculators, Ect. $ Free!
Toner Free Alarm Clocks $ Free!
Cell Phones/PDAs Free   VCRs, CD/DVD players  $ .75 Each or .25 Pound